Decorative Finishes

Looking for something striking? One of our decorative finishes might be just what you are looking for.

Large Range

We can provide faux paint finishes ranging from soft/subtle effects to impacting/dramatic finishes:

Venetian plaster is also known as polished plaster. We specialise in Stucco Veneziano a product imported straight from the birthplace of Venetian plaster in Italy.

Stucco Veneziano has an elegant, glass like appearance. Typically, Venetian colours are: red, ochre, vibrant blues and greens, terracotta, rich ivories, pure whites and concrete colours that create a sense of history and yet remain startingly contemporary.

The plasters are lime based, and are made out of actual marble dust resulting in a finish that lasts a lifetime.

Stucco Veneziano is suitable for the both residential and commercial spaces, the mirror like finish is achieved using multiple layers by trowel application and can be further protected and enhanced with a wax application. This elegant and timeless finish adds a real talking point.

Click on the image below to download a PDF brochure of the Venetian Plaster colour chart.

The arch way and surrounds were decorated with painted faux sandstone finish.

Each block is hand painted to give the effect of a solid stone construction.

Faux marble columns were also painted either side of the icons.

Marbling is a faux finish imitating the look of solid marble.

Marbling can be applied to large areas for a softening effect, or can add drama in highly detailed replications of various marble types. It adds elegance to walls and also to focus points like columns, wall panels and fireplaces.

This finish is ideal for foyers and entrances, especially where there are a number of columns.

Gold Leaf, also known as gilding, is the art of covering a surface with a thin layer of gold.

Gold leaf can add excitement and a certain level of sophistication to just about any surface, and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including cornices, ceiling mouldings, building materials, and furniture.

The effect can also be softened with washes or acids to create an aged look.

gold leaf

We have over 35 years’ experience in painting and heritage restoration from heritage homes and terrace houses to a gothic style church at Lewisham and gothic style house at Bellevue Hill.

Heritage restoration requires a high level of thinking and skillset when it comes to paint application techniques and finishes from colour matching, clear finishes, staining, French polishing, high gloss mirror enamel finishes, hand painted finishes and colour combinations for the style and period.

Antique colour glazing, wall and ceiling colour washes, ragging, sponging, metallic finishes such as silver, gold, mother of pearl, rust, copper patinas and much more. These finishes are ideal for domes, foyers, dining rooms, lounge rooms kitchens, entertainment area, ceilings, walls, woodwork or furniture. 

We can evoke the feeling of soft and subtle to dramatic and striking. With Tony’s extensive knowledge and experience we can customise a finish to suit your look or need. Transform the old boring to new and exciting.


Wallpaper is a great way to give any room or space that personalised look. Wallpaper comes in a variety of colours, styles and many different designs to suit any mood and palate.

The installation of wallpaper requires expert knowledge and know how. We will ensure that the proper preparation is carried out to the underlying substrate as this is paramount to ensure a quality end result.